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language: english – 160 pages

How can all the elements of a recipe be cooked using the best techniques and the most appropriate cooking times? Cooking separately!

Often the most important component of a recipe is the one that is cooked worse. The asparagus that connotes the risotto is overcooked. Or the fillet is boiled to flavor the sauce. The result? A risotto that tastes like asparagus with overcooked asparagus, or a chewy fillet with a tasty sauce.

Using the art of cooking separately you will learn how to cook the most important ingredient, enhancing what accompanies it. The risotto must have the taste of what will connote it, avoiding to overcook it. The sauce must already have in itself the taste of the fillet, without this being cooked inside. When finished, everything must be cooked perfectly and perfectly harmonized.

The stock, the fumet, whats stuck to the pan and and the cooking juices, they will all act as a bridge between the most important ingredient and whatever will accompany it. They will connote pasta, rice and sauces in order to let them perfectly accept the recipes most important element.

cookbook the art of cooking separately

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